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Ode on Intimation of Immortality

“The child is the father of the ManAnd I could wish my days to be
Bound each my natural piety”

Wordsworth, the high priest of nature in his one of the master works ‘Ode on Intimation of Immortality’ deals with the immortal memoirs of childhood. The poem is considered as one of the finest odes ever written in English literature. The majesty, the grandeur and the serenity of poem have been the objects of admiration and wonder by all the readers who have read this piece-de-resistance. The gentle melancholy on the past days leave a pleasing pain of nostalgia in listeners’ heart. On running after the lines, we reach somewhere in past; holding the hands of memories, we go back to the innocence and each mind would say ‘we had a nice time’. Now “The things which I have seen I now see no more”.Now that the spring is in the air.The ode unfolds into two parts–the first four stanzas seem to stand apart from the rest of the poem. (കൂടുതല്‍…)


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Sir Patrick Spens

“Sir Patrick Spens” is apre-Elizabethan poetry with the anonymously-authored ballad, which pertains to an event said to have taken place in the 14th Century. This old work is important in helping us compare the different styles of poetry and make them clearer in regard to the transition of Middle English to Early Modern English the language of Spenser, Shakespeare and others, that was in use by the 15th Century. Sir Patrick Spens is not the only anonymous work found in English literature of the Middle Ages, but also it is a good example of a story having been poetized. It is generally considered to have been a popular, oral account, handed down from generation to generation and published first in 1765. (കൂടുതല്‍…)

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The Wife of Ushers Well

The Wife of Ushers Well portrays the very unusual (and only therefore worth portraying) return of three ghosts to the everyday world. The ordinariness of their former home is emphasized to heighten the extraordinariness of the presence of the very earthly and palpable but nevertheless otherworldly ghosts. Since we cannot take them as seriously as probably the poet and certainly the Wifdid, our interest is likely to be fixed rather on the world they returned to. Even then what we want is to see how it compares with our own familiar world. (കൂടുതല്‍…)

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The Da Vinci Code : Film and Novel

Dan starts novel saying ” Its all true, and the evident pictures, statements, certificates and rituals stated in the novel are very true: And on other end the movie unfolds with the title saying “Its all imaginatory and has no way related to alive or dead. Now, I repeat as Pilot asked Jesus “What is truth” He dint wait for the answer, But I wait here

I think Catholics must not have made such hues and cries against this. Obviosly there is chance. They received Passion of Christ with all trumpets and palm leaves. So it hurts when the same medium turn againt. Anyway, I would expect them to go with an ideoligical fight instead of banning. As usual it created some waves till it reached big screen. But I think this is a harmless creature comaparing to Many Faces of Jesus and such genre. This is not more than detective stuff.

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Chevy Chase

The ballad of Chevy Chace is generally thought to describe the Battle of Otterburn. Some of the verses correspond to the that battle, but not all. The Battle of Otterburn took place in 1388. At that Battle Henry Percy (Hotspur) was captured, not killed. He was killed in 1403 in an uprising against Henry IV. Another possibility is the border warfare between a Percy and a Douglas in 1435 or 1436. Henry Percy of Northumberland made a raid into Scotland with 4,000 men. He was met by William Douglas, Earl of Angus at Piperden. There were great losses on each side, but the Scots prevailed. It was said to be the favorite ballad of the common people. The tune was also used for numerous other ballads. Chevy Chase shed fascinating light on the romantic and chivalrous side of mudding, a noble pastime of knights in those distant days. (കൂടുതല്‍…)

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