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Creed and Religion

I cannot exist without you
I’m forgetful of everything but seeing you again
My life seems to stop there..
I see no further.
You have absorbed me.
I have sensation at the presents moments as though,
I were dissolving

I have been astonished,
That men could die martyrs for religion
I have shudder’d at it.
I shudder no more. I could be
Martyr’d for religion
Love is my religion
My credo is love and you’re the only tenet
You have ravished me away
By a power I cannot resist…


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Take me the way you go

Like the snow falls in deep night, https://i1.wp.com/www.pencilrevolution.com/uploads/carol_0606_1.jpg
Love is.
Rains over the mind,
In the soul, dissolves
Come! my life, to my next,
I searched in the lit of moon
In the lit of dreams, for you.

Come to me, today
For, I shall not see tomorrow
I have not seen any.
Play on pipes,
Heal my tears.
My cries were yesterday, but
They have gone,
I will not pass them again. (കൂടുതല്‍…)

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Ode to My 10’s

Under thy mist, I woke this morning up
Time was up, before the time ends,
You died in time, my tender days
You are away, lean, leaner and vanished

My tears just falling down
But I do not cry, they drive me
the night far the distance
from innocence

Who had ever returned to you?
Nor shall thou
My return to innocence falls apart
Thy hands are short and Ears are deaf (കൂടുതല്‍…)

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Every now and then I get a glimpse of what can be
and briefly taste what it really means to be free,
but very soon external reality sets in
and with fear I close myself to my within.

It was then in the darkness,
I hatched upon the edge of spears;
my heart bleeds….
Over the white, red spreads…
I felt my words smelling blood…

We are tired, but never beaten.
We are bound, but never our words.
They fly towards you…
carrying our dreams, expectations, and promises…
You could feel
the scent of our tears, sweat and blood.

‘Tis all about touching lives,
healing rifts and building bonds.
The horizon is red and now turning deep red.
They fly towards you..
Towards HOPE…

***The word espoir (spanish) means hope.

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On his Betrayal

My way is torn, weary and lone,
Let it be finished when no steps further.
I must stop, because, starts from here,
The days of defeat.

I must stop, I see no more..
I died but twice to the world I owe
Thirty silver coins,
First against him, then against me.

Deep, the night with her icy breeze,
I thought my sun should not rise ever.
Son of Iscariot must be died.
Curse the moment I step in,
I was naked. (കൂടുതല്‍…)

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