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A Note on William Shakespeare

Few days back one of junior asked me to write something http://chawedrosin.files.wordpress.com/2007/07/shakespeare.jpg?w=208&h=269about Shakespeare. Well, they use the articles I wrote for their assignment. But they did not find anything about Shakespeare in my blog. For them, I just copy and paste the note given by my drama professor Mr. C.D. Sebatian

Shakespeare had a posthumous fame. If we place the books written on SP and his writings, as a chain, it will round the globe twice. Shakespeare was born and raised in Stratford-upon-Avon. His birth date is subjected to the assumption. William, the eldest son of John and Mary , was born in 1564, probably on April 23, several days before his baptism on April 26, 1564. That Shakespeare also died on April 23, 52 years later, may have resulted in the adoption of this birth date. William no doubt attended the local grammar school in Stratford where his parents lived, and would have studied primarily Latin rhetoric, logic, and literature. At age 18, William married Anne Hathaway, a local farmer’s daughter eight years his senior. (കൂടുതല്‍…)


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Shashi Deshpande : The Confident Voice

“I don’t like to call myself a feminist writer. I say I’m a feminist, but I don’t write to propagate an ism,” stresses Shashi Deshpande – Sahitya Akademi award winner in 1990 for her novel ‘That Long Silence’ – “Basically, mine is a quest for the human self within the woman,” she adds.

“I feel I came through only because I had faith in myself. The desire to say something was so strong. That was hard, when my whole life was considered unimportant, my work was considered unimportant, even writing by women was considered unimportant,” explains Bangalore-based Deshpande. “Many women are silenced by lack of time. If I admire anything in myself, it’s only that I kept on. It’s easy to give up,” she adds. (കൂടുതല്‍…)

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Ballad in Genearal

A ballad is a narrative, rhythmic saga of a past affair, which may be heroic, romantic or satirical, almost inevitably catastrophic, which is related in the third person, usually with foreshortened alternating four- and three-stress lines (’ballad meter’) and simple repeating rhymes, and often with a refrain.

The origin of the word suggested something that could be danced to. Ballads are most often folk poetry in a musical format, passed along orally from generation to generation, set to conventional tunes and usually sung by a solo voice, the hearers joining in the refrain. Until written, the content evolves and changes over time, unlike a more literary poem. Unlike more traditional poetry, ballads do not use a large amount of (കൂടുതല്‍…)

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